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Unique reflections of the inner mind in literature can reflect who and what we are, alter the way we see the world,  reveal how our minds function,  deepen self knowledge, and bring us to a greater understanding of others.

Finding the Self, the Strange, the Powerful

& Disability in Young Adult Literature

While we seek extraordinary experiences in literature, we also seek ourselves. We seek a universal connection to humanity, while we seek portals into exalted manifestations that affirm our greatest hopes. Young people want to find these glimpses into the world, but also wish to feel a oneness with community – where ever it may be – especially when it is not found in one’s immediate environment. For a child who has a disability, the dual needs of empowerment and connectivity are perhaps more pronounced than for individuals in otherwise seemingly marginalized or isolated circumstances.

This website is dedicated to providing insight into ways of optimizing the talents of individuals with the diverse neurological configurations derived from Dyslexia, Asperger’s and Tourette. Other challenges such as depression and anxiety may also be represented in some of the materials gathered here. It is hoped that the pathways here will serve as portals to greater resources, and to inspiration!