We here at “Teens, Screams, and the Horror Machine” set out with a simple goal in mind: to recognize and try to explain the disparity among young adults and the horror movies made for them. As frequent moviegoers (and employees in the industry), we have noticed a rather sickening trend to come out of Hollywood; that trend being the low-effort, low-risk high-reward, adolescent-centered horror flicks being produced by the dozen. This trend is oddly explicit to the horror genera, with people like Bo Burnham making his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed Eighth Grade to the adaptation of Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda re-titled as Love, Simon. So why exactly does one of the more popular genres for getting young people in seats refuse to join its contemporaries in telling stories that are not only available to them, but worth telling? Why are they consistently incompetent in painting adolescence in a manner that does not come across as patronizing? That was our main focus for starting this website, and hopefully the reason you are currently reading.