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Through my personal experiences I have seen boys, specifically those lacking a positive male role model in their lives, struggle in school. They not only struggle academically, but also have emotional difficulty connecting with their peers. Through my research, included on this website, I have found that boys disengage with each other through adolescence because of ideas they think to be true about masculinity perpetuated by the world around them. As a future educator, I believe we can do important work in the classroom that can benefit our students lives beyond the classroom. Through reading and discussion, we can begin to break apart the harmful conceptions surrounding masculinity and form new ones.

The purpose of this website is to find books to prompt discussions on masculinity in middle and upper grades classrooms. I begin the list with five YA books and helpfulĀ  discussion prompts. Through the comments readers can submit more books to add to this list. My goal for this website is to create a page where educators can seek out great books to further the discussion on positive masculinity in the classroom.