From Calvin and Hobbes, to Marvel, D.C., the Archie series, and many more, comics have served readers of all ages as an escape from real life and a delve into a new world. In these inventive worlds, anything is possible; a little boy can befriend a tiger, and superheroes can swoop in at the first sign of trouble to save the day. Readers often open a comic in hope that, even if only for a minute, they can ease their minds from the burdens of their everyday reality and gaze into these new worlds that seem so distant and different from actuality. However, in truth, we must ask ourselves- is Superman really so far away from our basic, everyday life?

For decades now, comics have held a place in our culture as a beacon of entertainment, telling stories, and teaching lessons through the use of texts and pictures. In recent years, our society has experienced a great shift in the acceptance of LGBTQ people, and as media should, comics have been along for the ride. Currently on the web, people are discussing what changes have been made and what advancements in the comic book world are to come. We welcome you to our site, where we highlight the timeline of LGBTQ representation in comics. Here, we will explain how these advancements have correlated with our society, what affect this movement plays in popular culture, and how the scope has enhanced due to the representation broadening.